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Fun Nation

We are a multigenerational roller skating rink and family entertainment center providing Acadiana with fun for over 60 years. We offer public skating sessions, birthday parties, private parties for churches, youth groups, business and more…

Roll on in to Fun Nation today ! It’s the Place to be!


Fun Nation is a family owned and operated roller skating rink that has been a part of Lafayette for three generations.  The current location, owned by Frank and Deborah Torries, started out as House of  Wheels & opened its doors on April 1st, 1982. In the early 90’s the family changed the name to The Skate Zone & in 2016, after major renovations & the addition of a huge indoor playground the current name, Fun Nation, was born.  The family has been active in the roller skating industry since the 1970’s providing fun for Lafayette families for many years.  Their Daughter, Danika has been involved in the business for many years & has worked as the general manager of this location since 2008.

 As active members of The Roller Skating Association since 1975, Frank and Deborah are considered leaders in the industry and have been recognized with many distinguished awards and achievements. 

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