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Updated: Apr 8

Learn in a group setting on Saturdays from 9:00-11 am. Learn more below:

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Saturday's Bilingual Skating Class $12 per student


For: All skills and all ages
Who: Led by Brian Clary
When: Saturdays, 9-11 am Cost: $12/student
• Group lesson (see details below) • Skate rental (if needed) • Instruction in English and French

All Students may arrive between 9:00 and 9:15 for registration, check-in, rentals (if needed). We will accommodate late arrivals as best as we can. Fee of $12 should be to Brian directly. Group warm-up off skates will be held from 9:15 - 9:30. Tennis shoes and athletic wear are encouraged for all required for advanced skaters.

Beginner Group (9:30-10:15)
All skaters take the floor at 9:30. Advanced skaters remain on the floor while yielding to beginners, who are in group instruction (on skates) from 9:30-10:15, during which beginners (of all ages!) will learn proper foundational habits from tying skates to standing, starting, stopping, falling, standing up again, slowing, and turning. Beginners receive instruction on foundational roller skating skills, including but not limited to: forward and backward skating, 2-foot skating (scissors), 1-foot skating, "M" transitions, and pivots going forward. At 10:15, beginners will continue practicing on the floor, with breaks as needed, and yield to advanced skaters, who are in group instruction from 10:15-10:45,

Advanced Group (10:15-10:45)
At 10:15, beginners will remain practicing on the floor, with breaks as needed, and yielding to advanced skaters, who are in group instruction from 10:15-10:45. Advanced skating students (of all ages!) will learn proper foundational habits of recreational, competitive (figure skating), and fitness skating for off-skate and on-skate warm-up. Advanced skaters receive instruction on advanced foundational roller skating skills going forward and backward such as and not limited to: cross-pulls, scooter pushes, crossovers, cross behinds, 6-beat swings, chassés, 3-turns, non-rotational jumps, rotational jumps, waltz jump, 2-foot and 1-foot spins, and the coach's specialty: partner skating. Click the following links for examples of competitive dance and pairs).

Drills (10:45-11 am)
The last 15 minutes will be reserved for the coach's discretion, usually drills and team-building. There is currently no public session following our 9-11 AM Saturday skating class.


Coach & Sport


Click here to learn more about Brian Clary.

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