Next Steps for Class Grads: Club

When a skater graduates from class, what comes next?

Fun Nation's class program is just the beginning. When you come in each week, you lace up and get warmed up. In the skating world, classes precede club—meaning, as a general rule, every club skater was once a class skater. As with everything, there are exceptions.


Class skaters take Fun Nation's Bilingual Skating Classes on Thursday evenings and/or Saturday mornings. As class skaters move up in their foundational skills and closer to testing out, the coach (Brian Clary) will begin encouraging dialogue between the skater or between the skater and their parent/guardian. All class skaters, regardless of discipline(s)/interest(s), who already know they're interested in the club ("Roller Louisiane") are encouraged to apply for membership with USA Roller Sports (USARS) as soon as possible.

Learn more about Roller Louisiane.

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