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Relevancy to the rink

Fun Nation's bilingual skating classes are offered in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German by Brian Clary at our rink, located at 4518 West Congress Street, in Lafayette, Louisiana. You learn more About the Coach and follow him via his Fun Nation member profile.

Relevancy to the club

In addition to being our classes' instructor, Brian is President and Head Coach of his own club, Roller Louisiane, housed at Fun Nation. Roller Louisiane is an Official Roller Sports Club with USA Roller Sports (USARS), which is recognized by World Skate and the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) as the National Governing Body of competitive roller sports in the United States, including speed, figure, hockey, roller derby, and other extreme sports.

USA Roller Sports requires Roller Louisiane and all USARS clubs to retrain (annually) coaches and club officers, as well as its judges and officials (events), and to complete SafeSport training annually. SafeSport Courses for All are phenomenal, multilingual resources for parents, athletes, adult athletes, and really just about anyone with a pulse.

Relevancy to Roller Louisiane's disciplines

Roller Louisiane aims to respond to its club members' requests by becoming a multidisciplinary club. At this time, Roller Louisiane is registered with USA Roller Sports as a Figure/Artistic club.to itoffering private practice times for figure skating and other USARS Disciplines.

USARS & Brian Clary

Brian is a Level-1 Coach certified by and registered with USARS. Brian is a former member athlete of USARS and of #TeamUSA in pairs skating, as well as the USA Roller Sports Academy at the Olympic Training Center's Colorado Springs Campus in 2001, 2002, and 2003. Prior to being on Team USA* in 2003, he won gold as the National Champion in four Junior Olympic events (Boys Singles and Pairs) from 1999-2000.

*Opening Ceremonies (World Championships)

📍 Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷



The US Center for SafeSport ("SafeSport") is authorized by Congress to help abuse prevention, education, and accountability take root in every sport, on every court. Dedicated solely to ending sexual, physical, and emotional abuse on behalf of athletes everywhere. To report a potential SafeSport violation, visit USARS's SafeSport page.

SafeSport's Code

As reports of sexual abuse in amateur sport made headlines in the 2010s, it had become clear: America deserved a safer sport culture. To achieve this, a new paradigm anchored by a new organization would be needed. Authorized by Congress to help abuse prevention, education, and accountability take root in every sport, on every court. Dedicated solely to ending sexual, physical, and emotional abuse on behalf of athletes everywhere. From this need, the U.S. Center for SafeSport was created.

SafeSport Code (USARS's Summary): This Code of Conduct establishes consistent standards of response and resolution to abuse and misconduct claims behavior across the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. The USOPC, NGBs, and LAOs must comply, in all respects, with these policies and procedures as defined by the Code. All participants of these organizations are responsible for adhering to and understanding the Code.

SafeSport's Code per SafeSport: The SafeSport Code defines the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s authority and jurisdiction, prohibited categories of abuse and misconduct, and the Center’s process for responding to and resolving abuse and misconduct claims affecting the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. The Code applies to all Participants (defined within) in the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement, and the Center’s authority related to the Movement derives from federal law. The Code was first introduced March 3, 2017 and is revised periodically. The most recent version became effective April 1, 2022.

SafeSport's Code is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Please refer to SafeSport's page for any revisions after April 2022.

EN - SafeSport Code - Effective April 2022
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FR - Code SafeSport - En vigueur avril 2022
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ES - Código SafeSport Code - Efectivo abril 2022
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CH - SafeSport Code - 2022年4月生效
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JP - SafeSport Code - 2022年4月発効
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